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The Village Stitcher Blog

There have been several changes over time with The Stitchers' Village.  In order to maintain consistency, it has been decided that using Blogger is the best course of action for The Village Stitcher blog.  This way, there is a place to easily to see and comment and a place to see excerpts from each newsletter since I took over the site.   To kick off the posting of the blog, you are welcome to sign up for a drawing for a quarter of needlework fabric - a "Fabric Orphan" from Picture This Plus.  Please use the drawing form HERE and use the code "blog" where indicated.  Sign up by August 31, 2022.  Winner will be announced here and in the newsletter 9/1/22.  As always, you are welcome to join your fellow Villagers in the community HERE .  Thank you!   Remember - the posts with titles of Month and Year are partial content from the monthly newsletters. The newsletters have evolved from year to year.  They may contain "Stash" information,  activities happen

Latest Posts

May 2019 V11 I5

April 2019 V11 I4

March 2019 V11 I3

February 2019 V11 I2

January 2019 V11 I1

December 2018 V10 I12

November 2018 V10 I11

October 2018 V10 I 10

September 2018 V10 I9

August 2018 V10 I8